Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Early Resolution

For years I have been biting my nails. So badly in fact that they are about 1/2 the size a normal nail should be. It's a terrible habit, and I have tried to stop on numerous occations but one way or another I end up ripping away my progress thus killing my 3 days of non-biting.

SO!!! I'm going to make it another New Year's Resolution to stop biting my nails. How I will manage I don't know. I've found that nail polish works to a certain degree and I'm on my 7th day of bite-free goodness. Of course I have been changing the nail polish color a lot in that 7 day span, and I've been using a lot of nail polish remover which coincidentally leaves a very foul taste behind when you stick your finger in your mouth, so that has also been helping me stop the urge to bite. Hopefully if I can just keep up painting my nails and using that aweful tasting remover stuff then my nail biting days will be over!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Is In The Air

Well, Christmas has come (finally) after 364 days of waiting. And it was worth the wait! We had a wonderful Christmas morning complete with presents, family togetherness, and a wonderful breakfast made by your's truely (gotta love those "skillet breakfast in a bag" things). I got a few things including a gift card to hot topic from my wonderful Brodda, chocolate pretzels from papa, my traditional nutcracker from mom, a cell phone (early Christmas) and an iPod Nano! Needless to say I've been playing around with the iPod all day while eatting sweets.

Mike called me all the way from Germany! He couldn't stay on the phone long, only long enough to wish me a Merry Christmas, and to say he missed me very much and that he loved me. Even though it was a short conversation it left me feeling like my day was complete. I walked around for like a fool the longest time after with the biggest grin on my face. It feels like it's been forever since I've talked to him, and it was really nice to hear his voice.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Purse Lamps

Mother came home from work with the ugliest present from her slimy boss today. They were having a Christmas party at work and the boss gave everyone presents. When mother brought the present home we both looked at it and said, "What is it?" It turns out it was a purse....with a cord coming out of it. We looked at each other and were like WTF? The thing was a lamp; an ugly purple lamp shaped like a purse. It was something that you would see in a 5 year olds bedroom, not a grown woman's. It was the funniest thing. Mother said "Well, what do I do with it?" I suggested give it away to someone. The thing is mother can't think of anyone she hates enough to give it to! So then we were like well let's just turn it on and see how ugly it really is. We plug it in and turned off the overhead light and flipped the switch on the lamp cord. It took 0.345 seconds for the bulb to decide that suicide was better than providing light for the tacky lamp! We all got a good laugh, and ending mother's crap-tacular day on a lighter note. It's sad to know that some people give gifts that they think are really cool, when in reality the gifts are the tackiest things in the world. And knowing mother's boss, she probably thought the monstrocity was the "cat's meow!"

Smelly Kids, and Wet Dogs

Last night I had to babysit two kids. The older girl was fine, she mostly kept to herself and went to bed at an early time. The little one was another story... She wanted to do this and that, and wouldn't stop pestering me to do things. I painted her nails, but even that was hard to do. Imagine a 4 year old who can't sit still for 3 seconds, now add nail polish to the picture. Not a pretty sight. Then she and I sat down to watch Hercules. That was alright, but she kept kicking me with her icy cold feet (and she smelled like poo). After the movie was over I marched her right upstairs had her brush her teeth and get into bed. Silence after that. Sex and the City was on so I watched that until the parentals came home. Made $40 so I guess dealing with a smelly hyperactive child for 5 hours isn't so bad.

Today, the dog got a bath. He hates baths. But he smelled, so it had to be done. It took a little while but he cooperated. Now he's a clean puppy and running around like a wild rhinoceros squeaking away on his little stuffed monkey toy saying "Hey! Look at me! I'm a wet dog running around at supersonic speed!" Or, at least that is what he would be saying if he could talk.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Year's Resolution

I'm going to make it an early New Year's resolution to actually keep up with a blog that I start! Starting with today.

Things are going okay. My best friend since seventh grade has moved to Colorado Springs. That was a sad day, but she has promised to e-mail all the time, and I'm planning on going out to see her during the summer (I just have to save up money). My boyfriend is in England right now, and is heading to Germany for the Holidays, so things are quiet around here.

On a happier note I got a cell phone as an early Christmas present! And It's keeping me entertained. The text messaging option is fun (I'm spamming my Bro left and right).