Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sore, Yet Satisfied

Snowboarding was fun. It was really hard to get used to at first, expecially the getting up part. But once I got the hang of it, it wasn't all that bad. I still fell on my butt a million and two times, and even ate snow once but that's expected from a first timer right? But I was persistant enough and it all paid off.

I mastered the bunny hill pretty quickly, so Mike decided to take me on one of the harder hills (which was 4 times as big!!). So we go up to the top of the hill and I look over the edge to see a very steep drop! I almost pissed my pants, but once I saw how Mike went down I got enough corage to attempt it myself. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Sometimes things look worst than what they are.

Now I'm hooked and can't wait to go again! I've been looking at cheap board/binding packages online so that I won't have to deal with the uncomfortable and not to mention ugly rental gear. Oh, and we also realized that I'm a goofy boarder instead of a regular. Goofy is where the right foot is the one leading down the hill. I was on a regular board on Sunday, but definitly used it backwards! You just have to get the feel of what the most comfortable way I guess. Well now I'm wiser and will get goofy next time.

My muscles are still sore, but that's okay. I realized that you use a whole lot of muscles in the back that I didn't think would do anything when it came to boarding, but they did and now they're sore. My arms are killing me from pushing myself up. I refused to get up from my knees and insisted on getting up from my butt (which is how Mike did it). I was frustrated that I couldn't do it right away, but I kept trying and refused to let him teach me the "easier" way. I finally got it though, so it's all good!

Like I said, I can't wait to go again!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snow Bunnies, and Subzero Temperatures

Mike is taking me snowboarding tomorrow as part of our "Valentine's Week!" How exciting? I've never been snowboarding before, so I have no idea how to do things. Mike's going to teach me, so it shouldn't be too embarassing for me.

I tried on my snow pants today to see if they still fit. And of course they didn't! So I called my friend Jill to see if she had any snow pants, she did but they were full of holes so they wouldn't work. Then I called Mike and he said they had a pair, but they weren't very well insulated and a very ugly green color. Not stylish at all for a girl of high fashion such as myself. He did say that Sports Authority was having a sale so Mother and I hoped in the car and went over to see what they had. We ended up buying a pair of pants that fit and a light blue jacket (cause it was cute and very warm! I can use it for teaching my students outside!). So now I'm all set for tomorrow.

Temperatures are supposed to be in the 20's and 30's tomorrow at the slopes (very cold!!). I can't wait to go! I'm getting all my stuff together in a neat little pile so that I'm all ready for tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"That Elephant Has Smoke Coming Out of It's Butt"

Parents are so funny. Mother lit a stick of incense this evening, and coincidentally a brass elephant was on the shelf above it. Papa, being the observant man that he is, looked at the elephant and said, "That elephant has smoke coming out of it's butt." I haven't laughed that hard in a while, at least not since the Purse Lamp at Christmas.

Also, yesterday was a wonderful day in the manga community! Loveless (an anime I've been watching) has finally come out in manga form in English! Needless to say, Mike bought it for me today at the mall. What a sweet guy. So I've been dancing around reading the manga since I got home. So excited. I'm also thinking about doing a Ritsuka costume for the next anime convention. Ritsuka is the main character of Loveless by the way.

I'm also playing with my iPod non stop. I still have to upload half of my CD collection to it, but pretty soon it will be all done and I will have a kick ass music library!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Same Old Things

It's official. There is nothing to do around here. Mike (the boy toy) and I sat around for 2 hours today trying to think of something to do... Nothing came to mind. We finally distracted ourselves for a short amount of time with the Nerf guns Brodda and I got while he was home visiting. But after so long we even got tired of the whistling sound of Nerf darts wizzing past our heads. The thought of swing dancing came into mind and we even looked up a dance school to go to for lessons. But other than that we were bored out of out skulls! Finally decided to go on a walk in the freezing cold, and were thankful to get home! Next time the boy and I hang out we're going to have to plan something to do, instead of "playing it by ear" because we never do anything when that happens.