Thursday, June 22, 2006

Puppies & iPods Don't Mix

My dog is a chewer, as many dogs are. His favorite chew thing is leather. Anything leather he'll sink his teeth into. Well my iPod just so happened to have a leather protective case... You can see where this is going can't you? He attacked the iPod case and sank his pearly whites into the back of the iPod creating a dent that screwed with the wiring and screen display. The screen turned all fuzzy and black and was unreadable. The music part of the iPod was fine, but I couldn't see what I was selecting... well what was I gonna do?

Well, I went out and bought a new MP3 player of course! And this one is better than my nano. I didn't go with an Apple product again because they were too expensive for not being able to do a whole lot. I bought a Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB player that plays music, video, FM radio, and has a voice recorder that can record not only my voice but can also record off of the radio if i want it to, and it also has a memory card slot so i can add more memory if i want to! And all of this cost less than what it would cost to replace my 2GB nano that only played music.

Unfortunately, my computer isn't a Windows XP which is what my player needs. And my parents don't want to buy the program for our computer... So what's the solution to that?

Buy a laptop of course! My parents offered to buy me my own computer for this thing! The whole idea is in the thought process, but i'm more than likely getting it because i'll need a notebook for college, and buying it early doesn't seem too extreme. Until I get the computer, i've been using my friend's computer to put music on my Sansa.

So, I'm happy! I not only get a fancy MP3 player, but also a computer all because my dog loves to chew on leather. How great is that?